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El Camino Shop Testimonials 

At Ivy & Truman Automotive, we continuously strive for the highest customer satisfaction. Here's what our customers are saying:

1062 E El Camino Real, Ste A, B, C, & D

Sunnyvale, CA 94087(408) 557-9975

sunnyvale auto repairs

Hans T.

My go-to mechanic because of reasonable prices, friendly staff, and honest work. I can feel Ramon and the mechanics just care about doing what's right for my cars. If you're going to wait around while they do the work, best to call ahead to confirm availability, and then you can wait in comfort at House of Pho next door or Denny's down the street.

sunnyvale auto repairs

Kristine R.
Quality care, accommodating and prices are reasonable. Several years of trust working on multiple vehicles. Thank you :)

sunnyvale auto repairs

Stefan P.
Came here on a recommendation from a good friend. Brought in my GMC Sierra. Told the guy I loved my truck and he pointed outside to his GMC Sierra. He said he loved his too, was an older year than my already older truck but really showed me how much care this man put into the maintenance of his vehicles.  Went in for a full 100k mile tune up, and my truck came out feeling like brand new. Timely and amazing service.

sunnyvale auto repairs


Claire M.

I'm not too educated in cars and mechanics. However, I would say I have a good read in people. I can say that I had a good feeling with this establishment the first time I got an oil change from them. I usually go to the one on Mathilda, but with shelter-in-place, I decided to go to their El Camino location. The main reason why I went to the El Camino location is because Ramon was going to be there. He's helped my wife and I on multiple occasions which included replacing my wife's exhaust manifold after it was stolen and installing a protective covering to prevent it from getting jacked again, brake replacements and countless oil changes. Each time, Ramon is pleasant, helpful, patient, and fair. We often compare prices and they've always been comparable or cheaper. So far, the service is done in a timely manner and no complaints after the work done. 

A double kudos to Nadine! I requested a quote for a Star smog check.  Prior to receiving the online quote, I got it done. Turns out I ended up up paying $10 more than the quote. I wrote to Nadine and she offered to credit back the difference. This act was enough for me. The gesture was so much more meaningful than the actual money. I won't be taking the money, because I want to give back as a gratitude for their service and integrity.

sunnyvale auto repairs


Catherine V.

My jobs require that I have a car. When my Corolla died, Quang and Mike prioritized urgent repairs and gave fair rates. Quang told me to have the car checked before I drive to Arizona. Very glad he did because I had a massive oil leak and would have been stranded and missed work and unable to afford towing and repairs. I have been a customer for 6 years and refer family and friends

sunnyvale auto repairs


Mickey G.

I absolutely recommend this place for Smog Checks and Oil Changes. Good price with great service.

sunnyvale auto repairs


Alice W.

I have never written a review for a car place- but now that we've moved out of the area, I realize how valuable it is to have a place you trust! Ivy and Truman has been our go to for all car issues. Sometimes small, sometimes big issues. No matter what, they've been honest, kind, and timely. Probably the 3 most important attributes when looking for an automotive repair shop! We have worked with Quang and Michael and they are both accommodating and understanding.

sunnyvale auto repairs


Roger R. in San Jose, CA

Great customer service, came in for a smog today and was done in 15 minutes. Very helpful and great attitude along with affordable prices, thank you for your help.

sunnyvale auto repairs


Gena R.

Wonderful owner! Been coming here for 1 year. Gets it done fast. I've had to change my breaks and tires, left my car, they dropped me off at work, and picked me. He'll check out on other things when you're doing an oil change just because he wants to make sure your car is doing well.

sunnyvale auto repairs


Tommy C. in Sunnyvale, CA

Quang is very friendly and helpful. They are a great shop, will definitely come back for future services on my Forester.

sunnyvale auto repairs


Bernadette N.

I have been a customer of Ivy Truman for awhile, Quang and his mechanics are on top of your needs, and successfully fullfill all your needs, Quang is a happy-go-lucky person very caring big smile on his face, great personality and the best mechanic I've ever dealt with, I'd refer anyone to him, I'll give a 5 star rating.

sunnyvale auto repairs


Ed G. in Cupertino, CA

Good competitive prices, clean, and organized. I have been taking 3 of my cars there for oil change, tire rotation, and smog checks for few years now. Friendly staff as well!

sunnyvale auto repairs


Vincent S. in San Jose, CA

High quality and professional service at a fair price! It was an amazing experience working with Quang and his crew at Ivy & Truman. They not only identified the problems my beloved Toyota had and showed me what they look like but also educated me on WHY these problems could cause serious issues on the road or impair other parts of the car that would cost me more money later on. Nothing is more comforting when it comes to auto services than knowing that you and your car are in good hands. When Quang says that they will take good care of you, he really does mean it. Great jobs guys! Thank you!

sunnyvale auto repairs


Tony L. in San Jose, CA

Great service and quick! Quang is the man!  I came here after the Green Smog place across the street declined their yelp offer saying it's five years old. Come here for quick service!

sunnyvale auto repairs


David L. in San Jose, CA

My family and I have been going to Ivy & Truman for many years now. Quang, and his wife, are always professional and friendly. Quang, always has a positive attitude and will keep you laughing. Quang, is very knowledgeable, and very understanding to your personal situation. As we all know it's very expensive when you get any work done on your vehicle. Quang, is always mindful about that will work with you. I suggest if you ever need work done bring your car on down and he will give you an honest assessment on your vehicle. 

sunnyvale auto repairs


Shivani A. in Mountain View, CA

I have been going to this place for over 3 years for all my cars. There quote has always been less as compare to other businesses in the area. So far these are the few things I got fixed from this place, break pads for Mercedes, head lights fixed, oil change and smog check. Mr. Quang and his technicians always do outstanding job. I have recommended this place to so many of my friends and colleagues.

sunnyvale auto repairs


Karen K. in Sunnyvale, CA

Very good. Not only do I like his attitude towards customers, I like his attitude towards life. It's a can do attitude. This man is a very smart guy and knows what he's doing. I trust him with my car completely.

sunnyvale auto repairs


Lawrence S. in San Jose, CA

The owner was very friendly, seemed knowledgeable and was quick.  All around a great experience.

Google Reviews

sunnyvale auto services


Michael Newton

Very honest and honorable. Highly recommended.

sunnyvale auto services


Ravi Kumar Mandala

The guy here is very helpful and totally understood me when I described the bad experience I had with the SMOG CHECK across the road. He looked at the report of the previous failed check and suggested me to drive my car for two sessions with a 2-hour gap and then come for a re-check. And it worked. This guy is an expert and is a very pleasant/friendly person. He is way better than the j*rk at Green Smog Check right across the street.

sunnyvale auto services


Johnny Parker

Excellent Service. Fair Price. I will be back for my future car repairs needs!

sunnyvale auto services


Francis Tsang

Very good service, professional, and I really like that the owner still remembered who I was after my not having gone back in 8 months

sunnyvale auto services


Christina Backman

Excellent customer service!!!! I showed up on a Saturday, with no appointment right before closing time and they were happy to do my oil change! Thanks Quang!!!!

sunnyvale auto shop


Mohammad Kotb

Good service and very efficient and friendly.

sunnyvale automotive services


Uday Shriniwar

Have been using Ivy and Truman services for about 2yrs for our 2003 Camry and Beetle. The guy is very knowledgeable and reasonable in pricing. He explains the issue and helps you make the right decision about repairs. During oil change, he checks and recommends other fixes or near future fixes, also suggests when they should be fixed. He does NOT mean to scare you but to educate you. I have had experience where mechanic scares and recommends you to fix things right away, sometimes they are not even needed.
Sometimes, if they have a car and a person available, they will give you a ride to office or home. Apart from his good services, I find him a good human being. Always greets with smile, spreads positive energy and happiness. He asked how I was, I responded "I am good, how about you?" His response, "I am luckiest person on earth, I have good health, great family and I have roof on my head. What else do I need?" :)

sunnyvale auto maintenance services


Kanting Tsai

All my cars get serviced here, from 1991 Acura to 2012 Nissan. Nice owner Quang. He gave you his own big truck as the loaner car!

Whatever your experience might be, we appreciate your honest feedback so we can continue to improve our service. 

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